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It’s been a while since I’ve had time to work on this site, and I’m thinking it’s about ready for a total makeover… Stay tuned!

State(ment) of the Art

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Working on an artist’s statement for grad school… That seems to be the first step, even as a prerequisite for getting letters of recommendation. It’s very difficult to find any kind of unifying theme in what I’ve been working on. I suppose that in itself could be spun into some kind of coherent whole, but the phrasing – Aye, there’s the rub. In the mean time, brainstorming them on a sheet of paper will suffice. I have a few ideas, but I don’t want to spill the beans just yet for fear of seeming unforgivably haughty… But I suppose any artist’s statement worth the electrons expended to write it needs to exercise its creator’s command of culture to the utmost…

Working on a comic for some film producers in Australia at the moment, as well as illustrations for SparkNotes, and Ex Occultus for St. James. All in all, my time is well-occupied.

Been a little under the weather this past week, but it seems to have crested and I should be back to my regular ebullient self before too long.

So very tired today.

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Been almost a year since this site was put up; should probably find out how to rotate the graphics on the top banner to something else, and maybe the city background, too. Some of it seems a little niche and is probably putting some people off.

Gotta make appointments with grad school admissions people – Academic resume is starting to feel a little thin. But I suppose anyone interested in serious interdisciplinary learning feels embarrassed by whatever school they went to, either for too much pretentiousness or not enough. None of this would be a problem if “self-educated” weren’t a synonym for “crackpot.”

We are being Scanned.

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Just got a big new scanner that’ll let me digitize things that were previously too big, so a couple paintings and drawings have been put up. Go check ‘em out.

Gonna be what now?

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Macbeth hearing he will become king:


Business in the front, bathrooms in the back

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Just a little doodle of a dude with a mullet to get you through your day:


I Can Never Bring Myself to Throw Away a Box

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It’s pretty much true (Maybe I can make a costume out of them later! Beep boop I am a robot…) and I’m thinking that’s the title for this thing I squeezed out this morning during breakfast. I was playing around with making hexagons on the computer, and a tool that lets you erase only specific line segments, and liked the pattern I created enough that I colored it in:


I will probably put it in the Digital section later, but I just wanted to get it up.

Back to other things.

Ping… Ping…

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Just a blog sonar ping to confirm my existence. This blog has a deadman switch that will cause it to explode if I don’t post every so often (I’m guessing, I dunno how this works).

I had a great holiday season and 2010 is looking up both career and personal-wise. I’m very busy, and I hope I stay that way. Also thinking about giving up some different kind of vice or indulgence every month and then pitching a graphic novel about it at the end of the year.

I am also growing an enormous beard, because it is cold outside, and I want to see how big it gets by springtime. I have not shaved since November 1st, except for my neck and some trimming, and I will post pictures before I shave it off.

Back against the Wall

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Just uploaded some of the pages I’ve been doing for Saint James Comics to the Comics (!) section, so go check them out to see a bit of a different style. I removed the dialog as a courtesy and so that you’ll go check out their site (it’s cool!)

Did a stand up comedy set at a nearby establishment last night, and someone was there taping it, so if I get ahold of that footage I’ll put it up here. I don’t know if I “killed,” but it was a low-energy night for everyone and I did pretty well, considering.

In other news, this is very impressive and you should watch it:

The answer is…

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I stumbled upon this inspired show after seeing a clip from it in a montage of weird internet videos. Apparently John Meyer tweeted this a few months ago, and while I will never enjoy his music, I have to say I’ve re-evaluated his taste in comedy: