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Started a new book proposal for something I’m tentatively calling “Fate Circuit,” a remake of a time travel story I did when I was in Japan. Here’s a page from the original version, circa 2004:

Pretty literal stuff, as you can see. Here’s page one of the new version (sans speech balloons or being done):
A lot funkier and more experimental this time; I really want to play with what I can do with the watercolor and oil styles I’m trying to mesh, here. It still needs a lot more work, but when the drawing part is finished, I think I’m going to have all the text coming out of that cylinder thing’s fingers.

Speaking of cylinders, I also decided to whip up an O’Neill Colony the other day for a little change of pace and to exercise my nascent 3D modeling skills:colonyimage3
Still needs a little work… Well, now I’ve got something to do while eating dinner.

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    I personally rlaley enjoy when my boy kisses my neck. not a big fan of the hickeys but yeah. I gave him one one time (not intentionally) but his mom calls me a vampire now. :/ it is my fault though.

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