Foreign Ports

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Ballpoint pen sketch I did a little while ago in an airport waiting area – Added the plane just for the fun of it.

Am I the only one who thinks this would be awesome?:

China’s proposal is to activate the IMF’s power to issue Special Drawing Rights (SDRs). The IMF would be groomed as de facto central bank for the planet. The SDRs would gradually become an “accepted means of payment”. Call it the ‘globo’.

It would be an error dismiss this idea as a pipe-dream. Cynics once ridiculed Maastricht plans to launch the euro. John Major famously said chatter about a European currency had “all the quaintness of a rain-dance and about the same potency”. Yet once officialdom began assembling the machinery for monetary union, EMU acquired a life of its own.

I always took for granted the idea that the World State is the future, and it’s cool to see a concrete step toward it, no matter how tiny.  I can’t wait to start paying for stuff in “credits,” like household robots and designer babies.

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