Some good ol’ Sci-Fi

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Just finished a little digital painting for the guy who made me this website you’re looking at.  He’s writing a science fiction novel, and this is a scene from it.  Check it out in the “Digital” section.  And check out his website, too.

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    1. oh my god a muffin!i must shoot!2. pooeow pooew pooew!i must say this when i shoot a gun!3. ha ha ha!theese humans have nothing on dinosaurs that are smart!ha ha ha!4. GIR!come to zim.5. geeze!this gun is way too much for my little arms!even thaugh my arms are pretty big for a raptor.

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    Hi Graeme. I like the photo’s. This species seems to be quite coommn at Dungerness I have managed to photograph quite a few this week (May 23/25). Also got a couple of not very good pictures of a female Phlegra fasciata. I’ve been back for more, but no luck so far!Mike.

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