To the Sky!

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I just finished a 4-page sample for a possible collaboration on a graphic novel – A drama this time, as opposed to a comedy or a big existential “look how smart I am!” festival. I’ll refrain from posting it because this is just between me and said collaborator, but rest assured, I am not resting on any kind of assured laurels or, heaven forbid, sitting around drinking scotch and drawing goofy cartoons that shall remain unposted for fear of embarrassing loved ones…

In the mean time, however, feast your eyes on this:

This is, and I feel I can say this without hyperbole, the greatest thing to ever be on TV, ever. I don’t even like TV that much – in the ’50’s they told the public that this magic viewing tube would be a window unto knowledge heretofore unseen by the general public….

…That space above is my only reaction – However! This program that I have linked to is one of the very few things I’ve ever seen that actually fulfills that promise of humanism and knowledge. Here is not only a view of the entire universe on an emotional, meaningful level, but a manifesto for human cooperation rarely seen in any medium. I defy you to watch this episode and remain dry-eyed. For those in a hurry, the 37-minute mark starts off The Greatest Story Ever Told.

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