Technicolor Disinfectant

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Continuing work on this independent project after putting it on the back burner for a little bit:
Will be searching for a publisher once I complete these few pages and finish writing the prose part of the script. It’s going surprisingly quickly, though – I wanted to do a combination of oil-like, volumetric painting for some of the characters and ink-and-wash work for the rest of them, and I think I’ve really gotten into the zone: While I did that cylinder thing a couple weeks ago, doing the rest of the page only took this one night.

Also did another doodle on one of those Facebook apps, during a quick snack-and-coffee break:
What happens to that last 1% of the bacteria, anyway? Do they go on to do some kind of microbial version of I am Legend? Or Mad Max? They wander the post-Lysoliptic wasteland alone, searching for other survivors and the lost knowledge from the Before Time that can restore their civilization. That’s my theory, anyway, but I was always more of a physics kid than a biology one.

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