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Trying to update more frequently like I was doing when I was living in Montana – It’s always tough to build a new daily or weekly schedule when you shift locations, especially if there are no “bones” to give it structure, like school or a Nine-to-Five. But I just got back from my daily run in the park, and am feeling that syrupy, chilled, numb-yet-satisfied feeling that comes with being proactive and responsible, and thought, “why not update now?” resulting in the sentence you are currently reading, as well as this one: It is time to work on the inks for the “Tomb of Achilles” comic for St. James, as well as work a little on another painting currently sitting wet and ready on my easel. I finished a small one the other day and am waiting for it to dry, and then I will have a scan up; I really need a new digital camera… In the mean time, here is a goofy little drawing based on a friend’s Facebook status:


I don’t even know…

Going to Madison, WI on Saturday, will be back Monday with more drawn, painted, or otherwise created objects.

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