We can be Heroes?

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Feeling a lot better today. I’d been taking over the counter sleeping pills to help normalize my schedule, but they just made me feel like a complete slug the next day so I quit, and now I have the energy to face whatever I need to do without making rude grumbling noises that I hope my neighbors can’t hear. I also watched some old-fashioned melodramatic giant robot action which, god help me, still fires me up far more than it reasonably should. …Super Lightning Kiiiiick! <-- Right, like that. Going to work more on the inks today, then head over and do some standup at a friend's comedy showcase. Need to go get some more fresh green food that came out of the dirt, too... All out of healthy stuff except for a few very disappointing apples. Well, I better stop padding out this post with nonsense about robots and apples, and instead show you something humanoid for your eyes to chew on:


It’s the in-progress version of the promotional image for the St. James episode I’m currently working on. More important to finish the actual content, I suppose, but I still gotta polish off this baby at some point – Something I can’t do while typing, so I’ll end here. Goodbye for now, I’m sure we’ll meet again.

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