Duct Tape and Ducts, lots of Ducts.

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I just finished my Halloween costume while watching the very seasonally-appropriate “Brazil,” which is still as amazing and disturbing as I remember it. Liberal Democracy always bills itself as rule by laws instead of men, but it’s nice to have a little piece of art like that to remind you that that can go too far and fall into tyranny as well – Gotta keep an element of humanism in there.

Now on to some more inking. Going to finish that promo image before this weekend, too – There’s a con it needs to be at, bein’ all promotional and such.

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    Duane,Bringing light to the GOP’s understanding of “math” will bemcoe a crucial component going into the next election. It doesn’t add up, and never has. A cursory peek into Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” should be enough to convince the “other” 95 percent of Americans that they won’t enjoy the stroll. It’s a testament to the radicalization of Republican politics that they failed to see why those not comforted with the cushion of wealth would reject the destruction of long-standing and lifesaving federal programs. The recent special election in New York was a big deal. What had been a safe Republican seat was lost because voters rejected Ryan’s Randian love letter. While radicals from the right still insist that liberals drink ideologically-tainted Kool-Aid, they are the ones addicted to pitchers of Koch. Valid economic fears were exploited last year, resulting in hard partying auctioneers becoming unlikely public servants. Promising to focus on jobs, anti-government opportunists like Long have been too busy collecting special interest checks and eliminating abortion to tackle high unemployment. So far Long and his freshman class of Tea Bag culture warriors have introduced five bills aimed at regulating female anatomy and zero on job creation: The evils of government regulation are in the beady eyes of the beholder.By the way, your serial stalker is exhibiting traits associated with jilted ex-lovers, weirdos who start blogs with names like Debbie is the Devil. If Geoff ever figures out that writing anything is not his forte, I hope he finds a more suitable career. I suggest he try bill collecting or guarding shopping center parking lots against suspicious-looking vehicles.

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