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Switched my browser to Google Chrome because apparently my computer has contracted some sort of deadly Firefox Leprosy. I like it so far – The theme decor momentarily relieves the obscene banality of human life.

Finished all the layouts and designs for the “Tomb of Achilles” story for St. James Comics. Going to be gettin’ to those pencils, now. Might be getting a new round of comics and illustration work, too, but I don’t want to jinx it (These things have a tendency to fall through) so I’ll spare the details.

Had a crazy nightmare last night–almost more of a vision or a bad acid trip–and have been on kind of an adrenaline high all day, due to my relief that I was not tortured to death by monsters. There wasn’t even a plot, it was just those shapes we all see behind our eyelids continually morphing into a series of grotesque “ohmigod are those eyes on its teeth!?”-type creatures. Maybe I’ll get a painting or two out of it.

Going to a gallery opening tonight, too – Hopefully will make some connections.

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