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Just uploaded some of the pages I’ve been doing for Saint James Comics to the Comics (!) section, so go check them out to see a bit of a different style. I removed the dialog as a courtesy and so that you’ll go check out their site (it’s cool!)

Did a stand up comedy set at a nearby establishment last night, and someone was there taping it, so if I get ahold of that footage I’ll put it up here. I don’t know if I “killed,” but it was a low-energy night for everyone and I did pretty well, considering.

In other news, this is very impressive and you should watch it:

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    some good news: i was able to download neraraltuader free text to speech software on some school computers. although the new windows systems are blocked, and the windows 98 system was also blocked from the main site, the backup ‘site 1’ (also on the website) was downloadable. i showed some spec ed students how to work it. i told them to look up whatever interested them. i showed them how to adjust the speed and highlight big chunks or single words. one student immediately went to research ‘monster jam’ on wikipedia. they loved it.

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