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We are being Scanned.

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Just got a big new scanner that’ll let me digitize things that were previously too big, so a couple paintings and drawings have been put up. Go check ’em out.

Back against the Wall

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Just uploaded some of the pages I’ve been doing for Saint James Comics to the Comics (!) section, so go check them out to see a bit of a different style. I removed the dialog as a courtesy and so that you’ll go check out their site (it’s cool!)

Did a stand up comedy set at a nearby establishment last night, and someone was there taping it, so if I get ahold of that footage I’ll put it up here. I don’t know if I “killed,” but it was a low-energy night for everyone and I did pretty well, considering.

In other news, this is very impressive and you should watch it:


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Made a cute little painting the other day, just for some practice and to change gears a bit. Check it out in the “Paintings” section.

Victorian Adventure, wot wot.

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Got around to putting the ‘Ex Occultus” promo images into the “Digital” section. Go Czech them out.

And have a happy Halloween weekend, everyone!

Dog Tired.

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Finishing off a short adventure for St. James Comics – I’ll post a link for that once it’s ready for purchase.

Figured I might as well add that “Fate Circuit” proposal to the comics section – Go check it out if you feel like a hefty read.

In the mean time, back to work.

Back for More.

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Turns out the temporary internet connection I had here wasn’t up to snuff, but I’ve gone and gotten proper DSL from the fine people at AT&T.  I also finished four acrylic paintings for the APW Gallery’s “Something Different” exhibition in Long Island, which you can see in the “Paintings” section.  The four of them go together and are titled “The Four Stages of a Most Inappropriate Oath Bearer,” which was a phrase I heard in a dream where I was trying to figure out what to paint. It’s about the evolution an idea goes through when put through the meat grinder of revision and procrastination – Try to find themes that are carried over from one to the other.

Going to get to work now on some other projects, and I learned today I might be joining a co-op that does murals here in Chicago – That’d be a fun experience and a good way to meet other artists…  Anyway, further updates as events warrant.

Winding Down

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Added this one at the last minute – It can fit in anywhere in the sequence. Not sure if I like how it turned out, though; it’s a little different from how I envisioned it, and I just kind of flew by the seat of my pants. In any case, I can still cover up parts with words, and there’s only one page left now.


Despite the occasionally clunky acting, I have to say that “Fringe” is a surprisingly decent show. I had it on in the background while I was working on this and thought it was entertaining enough to cue a bunch of them up. EDIT 4/29: OK, saw a few more episodes, and the main character seems to have a Harry Potter-like “special destiny” that’s slowly being revealed. My surprised enthusiasm in the show has cooled off a little.

Some good ol’ Sci-Fi

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Just finished a little digital painting for the guy who made me this website you’re looking at.  He’s writing a science fiction novel, and this is a scene from it.  Check it out in the “Digital” section.  And check out his website, too.


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There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to draw adorable cartoon hamsters for a childrens’ video game. Check one out in the Digital section.

This is, of course, everywhere, but it’s too good not to post:

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You know what was fun?

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Hair Metal was fun.
(Recycling this from an online art exercise.)

Added a drawing to the (gasp) Drawings section. It was in the blog earlier, but it’s dropped off the radar, so to speak, and people seem to react to it as if it were gallery-worthy.