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When Culture gives you Lemons…

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Did some sketches to accompany the grant proposal in addition to the actual descriptions of the thing. I’ll just re-use the fancy collaged forms I made for the hotel gig, at least as far as the descriptions of the thing itself goes. Here are the two (very rough! These will all be full oil paintings!) sketches to accompany the app:


The basic idea is that there are LEDs behind each of the paintings, and a central control console with a button corresponding to each one. You have to press the buttons in sequence to get the cover over the large central painting to retract, and as you “activate” each painting, a section of it is backlit, providing you with a clue as to what the next painting in the sequence might be. You can’t see all those clues here, since this is just a rough sketch, but they’re described in the accompanying text (Here, they’re drawn in the left-to-right sequence you’d activate them – Try to find the connections!) The sequence is supposed to represent a progression of various styles and media in art, but have them circle back and eat their own tail, with the central painting being a kind of synthesis of the whole deal. Looking at it now, from a more objective viewpoint, I can see how it would be a bit of a head-scratcher, but it’s already a literal puzzle in the first place, so I think it works out….Well, I wouldn’t have posted it, otherwise.

I’ve got three other developed conceptual installation ideas involving building rather elaborate objects, two that require old cars, and one that also requires a boat, so I’ll see if this simpler one flies first.
Excellent Madison comedian Alan Talaga, AKA Dan Potacke, has put together this video for his live talk show. Consider this a plug.

Last page!

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The book proposal drawing is done! All that’s left is the words, which I’ll spin in my head while packing for this move to Chicago.


Something about it still doesn’t quite satisfy me – I think it’s because the “painted” style doesn’t appear and I kind of rushed the “tendrils” that appear over everything, but it’s only a proposal, so the final version will have a much more polished style. In any case, I’ll spend the next few days sitting in a coffee shop, putting tracing paper over printouts of these pages, trying to come up with good narrative and good composition.

OMG spoilerrrrrrs! That weird cylinder thing in the previous pages is the human character’s “descendant” from millions of years in the future. He (It?) is trying to protect him from harm, and the “eye” thing is his assistant whom the cylinder-being created to help him in this case, but since Mr. Eyes won’t come into being if the human man isn’t harmed, the eye dude secretly wants to kill him. Anyway, I was thinking that the whole “prose” section would be from the point of view of these two post-human beings, with the dialog of the two humans being completely parenthetical to that, and the third-person explanation of their behavior being the whole conciet from which I’d write this. I thought it would be a good device to tie the two styles together, and also a good way to add some real “narrative” that isn’t often seen in graphic novels. They’re a visual medium, to be sure, but it’s very, very difficult to comment on specific behaviors or mentalities with nothing but tiny squares full of drawings. Check “Bus” in the comics section for an attempt, but I’m going for something a little more complex this time. Anyway, feedback is appreciated.

Winding Down

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Added this one at the last minute – It can fit in anywhere in the sequence. Not sure if I like how it turned out, though; it’s a little different from how I envisioned it, and I just kind of flew by the seat of my pants. In any case, I can still cover up parts with words, and there’s only one page left now.


Despite the occasionally clunky acting, I have to say that “Fringe” is a surprisingly decent show. I had it on in the background while I was working on this and thought it was entertaining enough to cue a bunch of them up. EDIT 4/29: OK, saw a few more episodes, and the main character seems to have a Harry Potter-like “special destiny” that’s slowly being revealed. My surprised enthusiasm in the show has cooled off a little.

Rolling on.

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Page 4 is done!


Now it’s bedtime, because I have quite a nasty headache. Night, y’all.

Sometimes I do things.

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I just got what I feel is, in all objectivity, quite a rad album. Right now I am listening to the first track, “Carolina,” on loop – It is just that awesome.

A man said to me, “give Pikachu a new face.”  So I did:

Finished a logo for a comedian I collaborate with, and a little 3D modeling project for fun. I might have those up later.

But right now, it’s time to get back to work on that graphic novel proposal…

Less Minor Progress

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The second page is done (updated in the previous post to reflect this) and now the third page is done, too:


…They’ll all make a lot more sense when the words are added.

Now it’s time to sit down for a little work on page four.

In this manner, perhaps?


Ohhhkay, it’s bedtime.

Minor Progress

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Not finished yet, but this project’s going much more quickly than I expected, so here’s page two, which I started today and hope to finish tomorrow (UPDATE- Finished):


I’ll be moving in about a month, so I’ve set that as my deadline for sending it off to publishers, squeezing it in among my normal commissions.

Technicolor Disinfectant

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Continuing work on this independent project after putting it on the back burner for a little bit:
Will be searching for a publisher once I complete these few pages and finish writing the prose part of the script. It’s going surprisingly quickly, though – I wanted to do a combination of oil-like, volumetric painting for some of the characters and ink-and-wash work for the rest of them, and I think I’ve really gotten into the zone: While I did that cylinder thing a couple weeks ago, doing the rest of the page only took this one night.

Also did another doodle on one of those Facebook apps, during a quick snack-and-coffee break:
What happens to that last 1% of the bacteria, anyway? Do they go on to do some kind of microbial version of I am Legend? Or Mad Max? They wander the post-Lysoliptic wasteland alone, searching for other survivors and the lost knowledge from the Before Time that can restore their civilization. That’s my theory, anyway, but I was always more of a physics kid than a biology one.

Three Guys

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Doodled a scene from a nightmare I had a while ago…

And, uh, something else. Just kinda went with the flow:

I know I said in the last post that I didn’t like TV very much, but I also never claimed to not be a hypocrite (though I undoubtedly will later on), but Hulu is now showing all of the “Stella” TV episodes. Those of you who know me might be aware that my sensibilities run a little towards the “meta” end of the spectrum, so I can assure you this is right up my alley. This episode, especially, is fantastic:

Some good ol’ Sci-Fi

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Just finished a little digital painting for the guy who made me this website you’re looking at.  He’s writing a science fiction novel, and this is a scene from it.  Check it out in the “Digital” section.  And check out his website, too.