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Minor Progress

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Not finished yet, but this project’s going much more quickly than I expected, so here’s page two, which I started today and hope to finish tomorrow (UPDATE- Finished):


I’ll be moving in about a month, so I’ve set that as my deadline for sending it off to publishers, squeezing it in among my normal commissions.

Technicolor Disinfectant

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Continuing work on this independent project after putting it on the back burner for a little bit:
Will be searching for a publisher once I complete these few pages and finish writing the prose part of the script. It’s going surprisingly quickly, though – I wanted to do a combination of oil-like, volumetric painting for some of the characters and ink-and-wash work for the rest of them, and I think I’ve really gotten into the zone: While I did that cylinder thing a couple weeks ago, doing the rest of the page only took this one night.

Also did another doodle on one of those Facebook apps, during a quick snack-and-coffee break:
What happens to that last 1% of the bacteria, anyway? Do they go on to do some kind of microbial version of I am Legend? Or Mad Max? They wander the post-Lysoliptic wasteland alone, searching for other survivors and the lost knowledge from the Before Time that can restore their civilization. That’s my theory, anyway, but I was always more of a physics kid than a biology one.

Drat-sody in Blue

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Just got an email saying that while I was a finalist for the Gershwin Hotel Artist-in-Residence Program, they decided to go with someone else. Poo. I’ll have to shop around my idea some more to see if I can get a grant to build it. And I’ll try again in October; I’m not exactly low on gallery-style ideas right now.

In the meme-time, here are three puns about bees:
Limit Bee, the bee who occupies all available space:

More Animal Facts

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Truly, the natural world is a never-ending source of wonder:

More on the hamster game project:


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There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to draw adorable cartoon hamsters for a childrens’ video game. Check one out in the Digital section.

This is, of course, everywhere, but it’s too good not to post:

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The 10.31 Project
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor NASA Name Contest

Three things I think.

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I think this would be a fun job to have:

And I think this would be a fun place to live:
(It was certainly fun to model)

And I think This is a great read.   I very much admire Freeman Dyson.

Big wheel keeps on turnin’…

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Started a new book proposal for something I’m tentatively calling “Fate Circuit,” a remake of a time travel story I did when I was in Japan. Here’s a page from the original version, circa 2004:

Pretty literal stuff, as you can see. Here’s page one of the new version (sans speech balloons or being done):
A lot funkier and more experimental this time; I really want to play with what I can do with the watercolor and oil styles I’m trying to mesh, here. It still needs a lot more work, but when the drawing part is finished, I think I’m going to have all the text coming out of that cylinder thing’s fingers.

Speaking of cylinders, I also decided to whip up an O’Neill Colony the other day for a little change of pace and to exercise my nascent 3D modeling skills:colonyimage3
Still needs a little work… Well, now I’ve got something to do while eating dinner.