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Gonna be what now?

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Macbeth hearing he will become king:


Business in the front, bathrooms in the back

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Just a little doodle of a dude with a mullet to get you through your day:


I Can Never Bring Myself to Throw Away a Box

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It’s pretty much true (Maybe I can make a costume out of them later! Beep boop I am a robot…) and I’m thinking that’s the title for this thing I squeezed out this morning during breakfast. I was playing around with making hexagons on the computer, and a tool that lets you erase only specific line segments, and liked the pattern I created enough that I colored it in:


I will probably put it in the Digital section later, but I just wanted to get it up.

Back to other things.

Victorian Adventure, wot wot.

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Got around to putting the ‘Ex Occultus” promo images into the “Digital” section. Go Czech them out.

And have a happy Halloween weekend, everyone!

The lesson of Elvis

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If anyone ever tells you that you can’t painfully injure yourself while pooping, they’re mistaken. Sorely mistaken. (Wordplay!)

I brought up Elvis, however, to also serve as a segue into another, very different blast from the past:
I was organizing my art files earlier, and found this old, old, old drawing I did in perhaps 5th grade, showing my drawing fixation from around the ages of 9 to 12, which was centered around massive cartoon battles between Gary Larson-style lemmings and incompetent little robots with laser guns for hands:

This was essentially all I drew between 3rd and 6th grades. I had an art teacher who loved the idea, though, calling me, in my report card, the “Heironymus Bosch of the 5th grade” and encouraged me do a massive poster in this style for the centerpiece of the Parents’ Night exhibit, which was a really great idea if you wanted my friends’ parents to forbid me to come over. Every once in a while, I look back fondly on these characters and think about using them again. There’s something refreshingly basic and silly and honest about them, a certain something that makes me think that Modern Me is occasionally trying too hard.

Then, a few months ago, I saw “Superjail!,” and it all came flooding back – This is exactly what my little friends and I used to sit around and draw on massive sheets of paper. We rarely achieved the levels of blood and gore that Superjail! casually enjoys, but the simple, zoomed-out “schematic” look full of incidental detail and improvisation hits all the same notes, and for me it was like hearing a once-favorite song I hadn’t thought about in years. As an example, here’s a compilation of the opening sequences, demonstrating that sensibility:

There is a certain type of kid who should see “Superjail!” Not that you should show it to them – you as a responsible adult would get in trouble – but they should find a way to watch it some late night after their parents have gone to bed and they’ve build a couch fort in the living room. There’s something childlike yet illicit about it: It’s the TV equivalent of the older boys asking you if you want to go see a dead body. It’s the kind of thing being talked about in this essay, or in this book.
Maybe that’s all self-justification for my liking something that’s ultimately frivolous, just because, somewhat worryingly, it makes me feel all nostalgic and gooey. But there’s something to be said for reconnecting with that little kid who was just drawing lemmings and robots without any thought of whether it was good or not – Just drawing for the sake of drawing – for “fun”, that unassailable fortress of sincerity – the very act lending it an authenticity that disintegrates into ash as soon as it becomes something calculated.

…The irony, of course, being that this entire post boils down to “don’t overthink things.” I’m going to take my own advice and get back to work, and draw with my gut instead of my head.

And I think my gut has recovered.

We can be Heroes?

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Feeling a lot better today. I’d been taking over the counter sleeping pills to help normalize my schedule, but they just made me feel like a complete slug the next day so I quit, and now I have the energy to face whatever I need to do without making rude grumbling noises that I hope my neighbors can’t hear. I also watched some old-fashioned melodramatic giant robot action which, god help me, still fires me up far more than it reasonably should. …Super Lightning Kiiiiick! <-- Right, like that. Going to work more on the inks today, then head over and do some standup at a friend's comedy showcase. Need to go get some more fresh green food that came out of the dirt, too... All out of healthy stuff except for a few very disappointing apples. Well, I better stop padding out this post with nonsense about robots and apples, and instead show you something humanoid for your eyes to chew on:


It’s the in-progress version of the promotional image for the St. James episode I’m currently working on. More important to finish the actual content, I suppose, but I still gotta polish off this baby at some point – Something I can’t do while typing, so I’ll end here. Goodbye for now, I’m sure we’ll meet again.

Always on track, but perhaps not on the rails.

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Trying to update more frequently like I was doing when I was living in Montana – It’s always tough to build a new daily or weekly schedule when you shift locations, especially if there are no “bones” to give it structure, like school or a Nine-to-Five. But I just got back from my daily run in the park, and am feeling that syrupy, chilled, numb-yet-satisfied feeling that comes with being proactive and responsible, and thought, “why not update now?” resulting in the sentence you are currently reading, as well as this one: It is time to work on the inks for the “Tomb of Achilles” comic for St. James, as well as work a little on another painting currently sitting wet and ready on my easel. I finished a small one the other day and am waiting for it to dry, and then I will have a scan up; I really need a new digital camera… In the mean time, here is a goofy little drawing based on a friend’s Facebook status:


I don’t even know…

Going to Madison, WI on Saturday, will be back Monday with more drawn, painted, or otherwise created objects.

The [noun] that stays together, [progressive verb] together.

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…That may not be technically correct, either grammatically or as a statement about reality, but it was the first title I thought of when I wanted to do a post about how I had some family in town this past week, which was a grand old time. We did the whole Chicago tour – Especially the art galleries, which were simultaneously inspiring and infuriating – And I now also have a new cellphone desktop photo of my feet suspended over skyscrapers, as seen from the new transparent Sears Tower ledge.

Did some work while being visited, too, but nothing heavy. Now I’m doing some promotional images for the “Ex Occultus” series I’m working on with St. James comics, before diving into the next installment:


Going to polish that off today and then hit the next one, a more traditional montage of all the characters in exciting poses.

There is also a small canvas sitting on my easel with a sketch on it of an uncanny conflagration of the color yellow that I saw at Walgreens the other day… I’d like to paint that as a warmup for that “Astrolabe” deal in the post below…


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The last couple of days I have had difficulty reigning myself in, so I am going to spend the day at a coffee shop away from distractions to really get my current workload finished.

It hasn’t been all spazzing out, though – It seems when I just kind of let my subconscious do the drawing, I get a big mass of geometric shapes surrounding and interacting with “real” objects, so I decided I’m just going to roll with that and did this ballpoint pen sketch that will eventually become a large oil painting, as soon as I can figure out what color palate I want:

Up, Up and Away

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It might be a few hours late, but Happy 40th to the Apollo astronauts – Awesome stuff. People here might know I have a bit of a thing for space exploration, so I’m pretty jazzed about the whole thing.

For finality, here’s something of mine. I’m working with St. James Comics on a series of short stories about 19th Century adventurers dealing with the occult, and this is a preliminary character design. It’s only the first round on the way to further development, so I still feel honest posting it here: