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Drat-sody in Blue

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Just got an email saying that while I was a finalist for the Gershwin Hotel Artist-in-Residence Program, they decided to go with someone else. Poo. I’ll have to shop around my idea some more to see if I can get a grant to build it. And I’ll try again in October; I’m not exactly low on gallery-style ideas right now.

In the meme-time, here are three puns about bees:
Limit Bee, the bee who occupies all available space:

More Animal Facts

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Truly, the natural world is a never-ending source of wonder:

More on the hamster game project:

Some things you might not know about animals.

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A few sketches I did for an online art “jam.” Here are some facts about the animal kingdom I got off Wikipedia:

Started some graphics for a kids’ video game about hamsters, so this may be the first of many animal-related posts.

You know what was fun?

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Hair Metal was fun.
(Recycling this from an online art exercise.)

Added a drawing to the (gasp) Drawings section. It was in the blog earlier, but it’s dropped off the radar, so to speak, and people seem to react to it as if it were gallery-worthy.

I Pity the Month

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Kid scolding taxi driver:

Still the best April Fool’s prank ever: The Extraordinary Astrologer Isaac Bickerstaff.

A Penguin in Winter

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Go, Battle Penguin!

I don’t even know…

“All that the rain promises, and more…”

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What is this? What is this book?

I was sketching but kind of lost my way somewhere and it turned into this:
…Which really irritated me, because that ’80s nostalgia thing is so over.

Three things I think.

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I think this would be a fun job to have:

And I think this would be a fun place to live:
(It was certainly fun to model)

And I think This is a great read.   I very much admire Freeman Dyson.

The sleepy guy in Meditation.

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A little digital painting practice – Copying a Rembrandt:
“The Philosopher in Meditation” is the name of the piece. I like the homey atmosphere and thought it’d be a good thing to work from to practice some lighting and atmospherics.

Going to finish a commission, putting vectors over the freehand sketch, then then hit the sack – It’s one of those sleepy days.

I’ll leave you with this video, which I absolutely adore:

Prague’s Franz Kafka International Named World’s Most Alienating Airport

Foreign Ports

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Ballpoint pen sketch I did a little while ago in an airport waiting area – Added the plane just for the fun of it.

Am I the only one who thinks this would be awesome?:

China’s proposal is to activate the IMF’s power to issue Special Drawing Rights (SDRs). The IMF would be groomed as de facto central bank for the planet. The SDRs would gradually become an “accepted means of payment”. Call it the ‘globo’.

It would be an error dismiss this idea as a pipe-dream. Cynics once ridiculed Maastricht plans to launch the euro. John Major famously said chatter about a European currency had “all the quaintness of a rain-dance and about the same potency”. Yet once officialdom began assembling the machinery for monetary union, EMU acquired a life of its own.

I always took for granted the idea that the World State is the future, and it’s cool to see a concrete step toward it, no matter how tiny.  I can’t wait to start paying for stuff in “credits,” like household robots and designer babies.