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Up, Up and Away

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It might be a few hours late, but Happy 40th to the Apollo astronauts – Awesome stuff. People here might know I have a bit of a thing for space exploration, so I’m pretty jazzed about the whole thing.

For finality, here’s something of mine. I’m working with St. James Comics on a series of short stories about 19th Century adventurers dealing with the occult, and this is a preliminary character design. It’s only the first round on the way to further development, so I still feel honest posting it here:

Jet Set.

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Today I have for you a jumpjet design for “Whiz Kids.” Waiting to hear back from the writer, but I’m going to go on and do some layouts for it.

Days when things happen.

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Going to be doing some murals, it seems, with an artist co-op here in Chicago, which is great news, since I’m looking to meet new people here, especially other artists.

I’ve been screwing around a little too much lately, but today’s been a productive work day so far – Done some design sketches for a short comic someone else wrote called “Whiz Kids,” a semi-comedic action story, which should be a nice change of pace from working on my own stuff. Heading out to a club tonight, too, to do a comedy sketch about the Pitchfork Music Festival starting soon in town. Fun times.

Back for More.

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Turns out the temporary internet connection I had here wasn’t up to snuff, but I’ve gone and gotten proper DSL from the fine people at AT&T.  I also finished four acrylic paintings for the APW Gallery’s “Something Different” exhibition in Long Island, which you can see in the “Paintings” section.  The four of them go together and are titled “The Four Stages of a Most Inappropriate Oath Bearer,” which was a phrase I heard in a dream where I was trying to figure out what to paint. It’s about the evolution an idea goes through when put through the meat grinder of revision and procrastination – Try to find themes that are carried over from one to the other.

Going to get to work now on some other projects, and I learned today I might be joining a co-op that does murals here in Chicago – That’d be a fun experience and a good way to meet other artists…  Anyway, further updates as events warrant.