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Strikeout and About

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Went to a little event yesterday called “Drink & Draw” to try to meet some other artists here in Chicago – A lot of jobs I was expecting that would have helped me do that have fallen through, so it was really nice to get out and actually talk to some people while drawing for a change. For some reason, the best drawing I did that night was with my right(bad) hand, so I guess I learned I that sometimes need to be a little more cautious when drawing in the future, instead of throwing down a whole bunch of wild lines and divining some pattern in them that I like – The proverbial elephant in the block of marble. Well, either way works, I suppose, as long as it results in a striking image.

Started the pencils for the “Ex Occultus” chapter via St. James Comics, and tonight I am going to ink in all the panels and balloons in preparation for doing the pencils. So help me, I still prefer the analog method since there’s a roughness to it that can be cultivated to give the drawings a lot more emotion and verve, I think.

A painting of mine was returned to me yesterday from storage with a big scratch mark down the side. It’s on panel, so I can touch it up, but I’m trying not to think about all the time I spent mixing and applying those colors and then blending them into the painting. I’ll have to get on that, though, one of these days if I ever want to see it on display again.