Ow, my metabolism.

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Trying to peel off the layers of fatigue and get back at those inks… Seriously, I drank four cups of coffee and still just want to go back to bed… I’ll go for a run and try to get the blood moving. It backfired yesterday and left me an inanimate lump in a chair for the rest of the afternoon, but maybe today, maybe today, things will be different and I’ll be able to go at it with no unseemly breaks. After all, every day is a new beginn… Argh, I can’t even finish. It’s too corny (Also, my wireless keyboard ran out of batteries and I had to change them).

I’ll leave you with this — I heard this track earlier this year on Pandora, and I have not been able to get enough of it. I’d like to say it could be my theme song, but I don’t want to give you the impression that I am a sentient planet or some kind of pan-dimensional being that eats time or some such, because I know that’s the impression I would get from this:

Try looking at Hubble Telescope photos while listening.

Back in The ‘Go, whaddya know.

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Back in town, gonna work on the “Achilles” inks today and hopefully some more on an oil painting of a water tower…
Speaking of paintings, if anyone knows a good place in Chicago that doesn’t charge much to print a digital image onto canvas, shoot me an email and I’ll be your friend forever and ever, amen.

Incidentally, I’ve been on a bit of a stop-motion animation kick lately, and have even tried to make some during my downtime. While looking around for examples, I found this little video which takes the whole idea of stop-motion and hits it out of the park. Or should I say…pork? Tee hee hee:

Always on track, but perhaps not on the rails.

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Trying to update more frequently like I was doing when I was living in Montana – It’s always tough to build a new daily or weekly schedule when you shift locations, especially if there are no “bones” to give it structure, like school or a Nine-to-Five. But I just got back from my daily run in the park, and am feeling that syrupy, chilled, numb-yet-satisfied feeling that comes with being proactive and responsible, and thought, “why not update now?” resulting in the sentence you are currently reading, as well as this one: It is time to work on the inks for the “Tomb of Achilles” comic for St. James, as well as work a little on another painting currently sitting wet and ready on my easel. I finished a small one the other day and am waiting for it to dry, and then I will have a scan up; I really need a new digital camera… In the mean time, here is a goofy little drawing based on a friend’s Facebook status:


I don’t even know…

Going to Madison, WI on Saturday, will be back Monday with more drawn, painted, or otherwise created objects.

Strikeout and About

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Went to a little event yesterday called “Drink & Draw” to try to meet some other artists here in Chicago – A lot of jobs I was expecting that would have helped me do that have fallen through, so it was really nice to get out and actually talk to some people while drawing for a change. For some reason, the best drawing I did that night was with my right(bad) hand, so I guess I learned I that sometimes need to be a little more cautious when drawing in the future, instead of throwing down a whole bunch of wild lines and divining some pattern in them that I like – The proverbial elephant in the block of marble. Well, either way works, I suppose, as long as it results in a striking image.

Started the pencils for the “Ex Occultus” chapter via St. James Comics, and tonight I am going to ink in all the panels and balloons in preparation for doing the pencils. So help me, I still prefer the analog method since there’s a roughness to it that can be cultivated to give the drawings a lot more emotion and verve, I think.

A painting of mine was returned to me yesterday from storage with a big scratch mark down the side. It’s on panel, so I can touch it up, but I’m trying not to think about all the time I spent mixing and applying those colors and then blending them into the painting. I’ll have to get on that, though, one of these days if I ever want to see it on display again.

The [noun] that stays together, [progressive verb] together.

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…That may not be technically correct, either grammatically or as a statement about reality, but it was the first title I thought of when I wanted to do a post about how I had some family in town this past week, which was a grand old time. We did the whole Chicago tour – Especially the art galleries, which were simultaneously inspiring and infuriating – And I now also have a new cellphone desktop photo of my feet suspended over skyscrapers, as seen from the new transparent Sears Tower ledge.

Did some work while being visited, too, but nothing heavy. Now I’m doing some promotional images for the “Ex Occultus” series I’m working on with St. James comics, before diving into the next installment:


Going to polish that off today and then hit the next one, a more traditional montage of all the characters in exciting poses.

There is also a small canvas sitting on my easel with a sketch on it of an uncanny conflagration of the color yellow that I saw at Walgreens the other day… I’d like to paint that as a warmup for that “Astrolabe” deal in the post below…


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The last couple of days I have had difficulty reigning myself in, so I am going to spend the day at a coffee shop away from distractions to really get my current workload finished.

It hasn’t been all spazzing out, though – It seems when I just kind of let my subconscious do the drawing, I get a big mass of geometric shapes surrounding and interacting with “real” objects, so I decided I’m just going to roll with that and did this ballpoint pen sketch that will eventually become a large oil painting, as soon as I can figure out what color palate I want:

The Title of that one Jonathan Coulton Song Everyone Knows.

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I have returned. I’m still alive, you might say. Just finished some comic strips for a remake of the gag series Two Word Title (the original can be found in the comics section). Even after taking out all the objectionable content I was still left me with enough material for new strips, so now I’m back to work on the 19th Century adventures of Hollander and Wakefield for the fine people at St. James Comics, among other projects. I finished an oil painting a little while ago, and once I get it back from the venue I’ll have some pictures as well. I really need to get a new camera…

Trying to think of some new project ideas… I’m currently stuck in “comics mode” but at a BBQ the other day I was describing some gallery installation ideas that kind of got me fired up to write grant proposals again. I need some capital, after all, if I’m going to buy fancy enough objects to be worth “monsterizing.”

Not much in the way of new work I’d like to show right now, but I’ll share with you this clip from “Vermilion Pleasure Night,” a surrealist late-night Japanese sketch comedy show from the mind of conceptual artist Yoshimasa Ishibashi (Skit dubbed into English for your convenience):

The Japanese version has an funny, tripped-out deadpan that’s missing here, but this sketch still gave me a side ache from laughing so hard, and I’m probably going to buy the complete DVD collection (it’s only 3 discs). It exists at the intersection of modern art and sketch comedy, two things I try to keep a foot in, but Vermilion Pleasure Night definitely isn’t for everyone; it wants to make you work to understand it. As the kind of person, however, who often tries to think outside of the box, but then re-reads or looks over everything he does until he can just draw another, bigger box around it, and then repeats the process, it’s fun to see someone else obviously thinking the same way – VPN is full of the kinds of ideas I’d bring up when writing in a group, that would quickly get shot down with a “no one else thinks like that, Jon.” Well, this show does.

Dog Tired.

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Finishing off a short adventure for St. James Comics – I’ll post a link for that once it’s ready for purchase.

Figured I might as well add that “Fate Circuit” proposal to the comics section – Go check it out if you feel like a hefty read.

In the mean time, back to work.

More Corn!

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Haven’t posted in a while, but I haven’t been working on anything I’d feel honest posting up here in public until it’s finished, so this’ll just be some incidental sketches and musings to prove I’m busy and not dead.

Here are two 4-panel strips I recently did for a project that later got cancelled:

Here’s a quick drawing I did a month or two ago as a kind of summer fun thing – Haven’t drawn those characters from Urusei Yatsura in a while:

Speaking of summer fun, I downloaded this album last night, and part of the reason I’m posting today is because I want to evangelize:
It’s billed as “dance,” but it’s a bit too musically ambitious and intelligent for that description alone – Yeah, there are some clever polyrhythmic beats and basslines so rubbery you could use them as a trampoline, making something you can definitely get up and bop around to, but a better use is to sit calmly (drawing…?) and nod to the beat as the music puts images in your brain. Niko delivers some excellent vocals, as well, turning the album into a kind of musical chronicle of an entire urban summer. This is music for the “slacker cognoscenti” – If you’re one of those people who bristles at electronic music as soulless beeps for weird skinny kids in baggy pants, this will change your mind.

Up, Up and Away

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It might be a few hours late, but Happy 40th to the Apollo astronauts – Awesome stuff. People here might know I have a bit of a thing for space exploration, so I’m pretty jazzed about the whole thing.

For finality, here’s something of mine. I’m working with St. James Comics on a series of short stories about 19th Century adventurers dealing with the occult, and this is a preliminary character design. It’s only the first round on the way to further development, so I still feel honest posting it here: